Introduction of Okinawa

Introducing Okinawa, "the Islands at Japan's southernmost tip,"Healing Islands of Health and Longevity" and "Islands with a unique history and culture."


Okinawa Prefecture is at the crossroads of mainland Japan, the Chinese continent and south east Asian countries and is a geographical hub between Japan and Asia.

【Weather and nature】

With oceanic subtropical weather, Okinawa Prefecture is blessed with warm temperature throughout the year. Rich with blue ocean with coral reefs and a bountiful natural environment, the Okinawan islands allow you to experience the climate of the southern islands while still being in Japan.

【History and culture】

Okinawa was an independent country that linked Japan and Asia. Called the "Ryukyu Kingdom," it was a maritime nation that prospered through trading with Japan and Asian nations. With the exchange of these countries' goods and information, Okinawa created a unique culture.

【Products and tourism】

Okinawan products are the cultural heritage of the Ryukyuan Kingdom. From traditional artifacts to healthy ingredients, there is a rich diversity of unique products here. Regarding food, many unique local healthy ingredients are also used which altogether developed into a brand for Okinawan products that has loyal customers throughout Japan.
Also, with the great tourism resources that are a fruitful natural environment and a unique history and culture, more than 5,500,000 visitors come to Okinawa every year from Japan and overseas. With many people visiting repeatedly, Okinawa has become a popular tourist destination for people regardless of age or gender.


Within Japan, Okinawa has become
synonymous with the moniker,
the "Islands of health and longevity"

The relation between Okinawa and "health and longevity"
A prefecture of Japan, a country recognized internationally for its longevity, Okinawa is in the spotlight, for it attaches a high importance to "health and longevity. " Okinawan women have the highest average life expectancy in Japan and it is said that the main cause for this is the unique Okinawan lifestyle supported by bountiful nature. Another reason is the Okinawan food culture, unchanged since ancient times, which supports "health and longevity."


Introducing the beautiful sceneries of Okinawa
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