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Introducing a large variety of Healthy and Delicious Okinawan Products.

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Bitter Melon

The lumpy surface with a rich green color are the characteristics of Okinawan Goya (bitter melons). Excellent for stir-fry,tempura, and/or salad.

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>>Bitter Melon

Okinawan Carrots

Long and thin, light yellow colored, carrots look very much like a burdock.
Crunchy and tasty.
Used for boiling and stir-fries.

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>>Okinawan Carrots

Okinawan Shallots

They have a distinctive hot flavor, but tasty.
Good for pickles, pickling, stir-fry with miso, or tempura.

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>>Okinawan Shallots

Black Abalone Mushrooms

Lightly-seasoned mushrooms with resilient texture. The cut surface looks just like abalone. Good for stir-fries or saut?.

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