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brown sugar
Still today, Okinawa’s brown sugar is produced in the traditional way of boiling down sugar cane sap. Characterized by its taste and flavor, it is becoming more and more popular as a natural food. Compared to regular sugar, Okinawan brown sugar is rich in calcium, iron and potassium, and therefore highly regarded as a health ingredient both in Japan and overseas. In Okinawa it is consumed to ward off fatigue, and is also quite popular as a sweet or as a snack with tea.

Sugar cane fields are numerous in the varied islands comprising the prefecture. The harvest season is at its peak around January. Next to mechanical harvesting methods, sugar cane is still hand cropped in certain areas, which either ways means a heavy amount of labor.

< Syrup >

In yogurt, on hotcakes, or mixed with soy sauce for a Teriyaki sauce

< Crushed pieces >

As a seasoning for cooking or as a snack with refreshments

< Powder >

Mixed with milk, brown sugar milk drink, coffee and as a seasoning for cooking

< Sweets >

Enjoy it as a sweet during relaxing times

< Block >

Grated, it becomes an ingredient for cooking dishes and sweets

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Comparing nutritious constituents in brown sugar, white sugar and granulated sugar
(Japanese food standard ingredients label. [5th edition])
One-point Advice
Preservation methods:
As brown sugar dislikes humidity and high temperature, please conserve in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator.

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