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"AGU" the brand named pork meat of  Okinawa
For long time, pigs had been well eaten and had been the traditional in herited dish of Okinawa. Recently, "AGU" , the brand-named pig which originally existed at the period of Ryukyu Kingdom has revived now and are attracting people's attention.
In Okinawa, Pig Farming has its history of about 600 years. It was first found in the period of Ryukyu Kingdom and breeding had been made for the purpose of food.
At the time of Meiji Period, because of its low productivity , it had been improved on its race into easily raised type and more tasty black pig, which is the prototype of "AGU". Today, in order to have higher productivity, it has now been crossed with white-female pig and black-male pig, which brings out pigs just like pandas with black spots. However, they have been inheriting the blood of their old types.
"AGU" has been raised in the northern part of Okinawan mainland surrounded by clean air and rich natural environment. They are high quallity pork meat, very smooth and elastic, and are been raised on a slanted slope ground under breeder's cordial care and close examinations on each pigs.
Its meat contains Vitamin B1 and Amino Acid. Compared to general pork meat in the Meat Marketing, it is said to have less Cholesterol readings and it contains Glutamate of the Amino Acid which is a great feature of "AGU" where people take note on today.
Its taste has a mild sweetness which is one of the important feature of "AGU", and especially has its sweetness in the fat where people usually want to back away.
Because it has lower melting point than the general pork meats, you would enjoy the plain taste of fat which is attracting people now.

AGU-Gyoza/Chinese Meat Dumpling

AGU-Gyoza/Chinese Meat Dumpling Materials:: Mix vegetables of cabbage/leek with the blended meat of P-Toro (especially popular part of meat) and other parts of pork meat.
It has the feature of juicy meat with its mild sweetness, without using any of the chemical seasonings, it gives the gentle flavor which you will never be weary of.
Place gyoza on the well-heated fried-pan, then pour in 25ml of water and steam roast them for about 1min. 30sec. at moderate heat. (See to it that all the hot water has evaporated.). You will then see the meat juice from the roasted gyoza and its cooked.
Enjoy the hot hot gyoza!!!

Washita Pork
Washita Pork, using Okinawan pork meat and chicken meat as its material, has the flavor of Okinawan salt and its healthy brown sugar to well meet its raw materials. Its a plain Pork Luncheon Meat Can.
It has not used any Artificial Colorings, Conservative Substances, Phosphate , Chemical Seasonings.

Pork Luncheon Meat consists three types of flavors; Regular Flavor, Hot& Spicy Flavor, Cheeze Flavor with little pieces of cheese inside.

Washita  Pork Series,   Cooking Recipe Additive-free from Chemical Seasonings. Regular Additive-free from Chemical Seasonings. Spicy Additive-free from Chemical Seasonings. Cheese
Standard/Basic Kari  Kari Pork-Egg
Arrangements Pork-Egg  Onigiri  (rice ball)Goya-Champuruh  (fried goya vegetables) with Pork Pork-  Para Para-Chahan  (fried  rice) Washita Pork Curry
Good-Ideal  Dish Cold Chinese Noodle with PorkRokomoko with  Pork Cutlet of Pork Soft  Pork  OmlettePasta with Pork/Asparagus
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