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salt of okinawa
the sea of okinawa is vastly beautiful and is filled with rich mineral that make's it a great place for resouces. the best resouce that is pull out of the sea is the salt which has a rich taste, it has won a gold medal in a international food contest, for the most natural mineral contents, also it is recorded in the guinnes book of world records, it is fact that the salt from okinawa is the sole reproducer of the product that are make in japan. it has been proven to be the best products and attract attentions from the world.

we invite you to try a unique taste of salt only produced here from the beautiful sea of okinawa.

<Umi no Hana>
<Yuki Shio>
<Umi no Chikara>
<Kumi no Shio>
<Shizen Kaien>

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