The pickup items

  Okinawa Soba(Noodle) ( Dry type), Okinawa Soba(Noodle) broth stock, Sohki( Pork spare ribs),
Brown sugar, Soy sause, Sake, Ginger, Green Onion, Fish Sausage

Cooking direction
  (1) )Immerse ribes in bolling water.Water, Sake and Ginger to the boil.
(2) Skim the scum and turn to the samll heat and cook for 90 mins.
(3) Cooking liquid with (2), soy sause, brown sugar and boiled ribs into tha panand stir until well seasoned.
(4) Put the noodle in hot water and drain.Dissolve the stock in hot water and then pour into a bowl along with (3). Garnish is chopped green onion.

Can apply to the fried noodles with Okinawa soba!
Choice of your favorite ingredient and stir fly with Okinawa soba.
For expamle

"Okinawa Soba" are noodles made of wheat flour.The most beloved noodle in Okinawa.
Most commonly eaten with as simple bonito broth soup topped with the meat,kamaboko(fish sausage), and green onion topping.The meat used are pork flank (called, sanmai-niku in Okinawa) or spare ribs(called,soki in Okinawa)broiled sweet and spice with brown sugar, awamori(Okinawa rice wine),snd soy sause,which are popular topping for Okinawa soba.

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