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It is a seaweed that is called "Sunui" by the dialect of Okinawa and the Okinawa is largest capacity of production ( About 90% of products) in Japan. Can apply for vinegared dish and Tempura. Mozuku is popular to all people no matter adult or children. Since it is low calorie,people have gotton a lot of attention as healthy food.Okinawa Mozuku contain more Fucoidan and using the ingredients of health
food recently.

Nutrition Component of [Okinawa Mozuku] (After sale off)
Amount per 100g = Calories: 6kcal, Protein:0.3g, Fat:0.2g, Carbohydrate:2.0g, Sodium:240mg

Can apply to remove the salt from Mozuku when use.

Ingredient (erving size : 2 to 3)
150g : Mozuku. 2cups: Rice. 360ml: Dashi Stock.
2 tablespoon: Soy sauce. 2 tablespoon: Sake. 2 tablespoon: Mirin.
How to cook
Cutting Mozuku.
(2) Boil the water with stock. Put Mozku and stop the heat.
(3) Let cool compleately of (2), Mix the washed rice and cook with rice cooker.
Ingredient (erving size : 2)
80g: Mozuku. 500ml: Dashi Stock. 1 & 1/2 tablespoon: Soy sauce
1 tablespoon: Mirin. 1 Egg. 2 stalk : Green onion
How to cook
Cut the Mozuku into samll pieces . Chopp the green onion.
(2) Bring the dashi stock to the boil and mix the Mozuku.
(3) Add the mixed egg into the (2) and stir then stop the heat. Pour the chopped green onion.
Ingredient (Serving size : 2)
  50g: Mozuku. 2 Eggs. 30ml: Dashi Stock. Seasoning.
1 Teaspoon: Soy sauce. 1/2 Teaspoon: Mirin.
How to cook
Chop the Mozuku
(2) Pour the seasoning into the mixed egg.
(3) Add an oil to a hot pan, pour (2) into the pan and making an omelet at medium heat.
(4) Cut the omelet into small pieceis
Ingredient (Serving size : 2)
75g: Mozuku. 150g: Minced Chicken. 1/3 stalk: Green Onion.
1/2: Teaspoon Ginger. 1/2: Egg. 1 Teaspoon: Starch.
Seasoning. 1/2 Teaspoon: Roaste Sesame.
1/2 Teaspoon: Soy Sauce. 1/2 Teaspoon: Sesame Oil
How to cook
Drain Mozuku and chopp into the small peices. Green onion also chop.
(2) In a mixing bowl, combine the (1) and all the seasoning.
(3) Shape them into small pieces and fry it.
Ingredient (Serving size : 2)
75g: Mozuku. 1/2 One-half: Onion. 50g: Carrot.
75g: Shelled Shrimp. 2pcs: Dried Scallop (Accoring to your taste).
50g: Flour. 50cc: Water. 1/2 lb: Egg. Green laver.
How to cook
Drain Mozku and cut into 1 inch. Cut Onion and Carrot into long strips aside.
(2) Soak the dried scallop in the water. drain the water and chop by hand.
Chop the Sheleed shrimp into 0.5 inch.
(3) In a mixing bowl, combine the egg, water, flour, green laver, (1)and(2).
(4) Shape them into small pieces and fly it.

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